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Family winery located in the heart of Douro Region

“From the air, the valleys or the river bed, all that we can see is the work of man”

António Barreto, in Douro


Our 23 ha of land are located in Poiares - Peso da Régua, heart of the Douro Region. We grow vines and olive trees under Integrated Farming, which aims to deliver a more sustainable agriculture. We also grow some fruit trees along our roads, so when you come to visit us there is always some fruit to taste throughout the year!
The tradition of winemaking has been in our family for generations. Our winery was established in 1923 and rebuild for modern winemaking in 2001, keeping the gravity-flow design and the traditional style “lagares”, which are open fermenters made of schist and granite.
Producing wine from our grapes with all the tradition from old days (foot treading) and all the science and technology developed in the last decades makes our wines quite unique and special. Come and try it yourself!



The perfect weather conditions within the Douro Valley, with hot summers and very cold winters; the location of our vineyards, about 5 km to the Douro River with an elevation of 500-550 meters, facing east and south; the schist-based soil in rain fed conditions; the age of our vines (between 30 and more than 100 years old) as well as the Portuguese varieties careful selected throughout the decades – Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz and Tinta Barroca for the reds, and Rabigato, Fernão Pires and Malvasia Fina for the whites - make up the terroir of Quinta do Roncão.



Our winery was built in 1923 onto a hillside in three big terraces, which allows the natural course of gravity to assist on the flow of fruit and wine down through the cellar, avoiding the use of pumps. Our first harvest after reconstruction was 2001.
The grapes are hand harvested and transported to the winery (just a few meters away) in boxes of 30 kg. Then, at the cellar, all the magic happens: the grapes are transformed into juice and fermented to wine.
Producing wine from our grapes with all the tradition from old days (foot treading!) and all the science and technology developed in the last decades makes our wines quite unique and special.



Enjoy life with the wines of Quinta do Roncão


Made with the Portuguese varieties Malvasia Fina, Rabigato and Fernão Pires.

The grapes are processed through the direct pressing of the whole grape in pneumatic press. The fementation occurs in a controlled temperature of 16-18ºC between 10 to 14 days.

The wine has a light yellow color with strong varietal aroma. Fresh and fruity mouth, without losing the harmony and body, characteristic of the Douro Region.



Made from a field blend of Old Vines, with the main varieties Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz and Touriga Nacional.

The fermentation happens without stems in open fermenters-called lagares-, made of granite and slate. The traditional foot treading provides rich and round tannins to the wine with a long end of mouth.
The skins are pressed in a bag press, and the wine is gravity fed to stainless steel tanks where it finishes the alcoholic fermentation and the malolactic fermentation takes place.

Deep ruby color. Elegant fruity aroma, dry plums and blackberries, complemented by floral notes, violets. Well-structured mouth with the fruit flavors coming through to the palate with a spicy twist. Round tannins and a complex dry end.



Our olive oil is the result of a blend between fruit from the old olive trees located along the roads of the vineyards and our olive grove.
The olive grove was planted in the late 90s with a single variety - Cobrançosa, grown under rain fed conditions.
We hand harvest the olives between November and January and the olive oil is produced in the region in a traditional mill, resulting in a mature fruity aroma, almond and spicy notes, and long persistence.


Our first harvest of Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

About 80% of 20 years old Cobrançosa, 18% Negrucha and 2% Verdeal, with and age of more than 60 years old. 

Acidity                           0.2% oleic acid

Peroxide index             0.9 mg O2/kg

K232                              1.62

K270                              0.11 

ΔK                                0.001

Dark green color. Ripe fruit aromas. Smooth mouth, with notes of nuts and spices. 



We’d love to hear from you! Give us a call, send us an email or drive out to meet us. 

Quinta do Roncão, Vila Seca de Poiares 5050-343 Portugal

GPS Coordinates: 41°11'55.7"N 7°42'17.3"W


+351 926632509 (available on WhatsApp)

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+351 926632509

Quinta do Roncão, Vila Seca de Poiares 5050-343 Portugal

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