Family heritage 

Our 23 ha land of vineyards and olive grove are located in Vila Seca de Poiares- Peso da Régua, the heart of the Douro Region. We grow vines and olive trees under Integrated Farming, which aims to deliver a more sustainable agriculture.

Our winery was built in 1923 onto a hillside in three big terraces. The tradition of winemaking has been in our family for generations.

Passion for wine

The young girl who represents our label is the current owner of our brand. With love and passion, Maria Manuela converted the winery for modern winemaking in 2001, preserving the design of the gravity-flow winery and the traditional "lagares", which are open fermenters made of schist and granite.

In 2015, our fourth generation winemaker Eunice travelled to Australia to learn more about winemaking. There she met Pasha, another dynamic winemaker, and together they make our wines since 2019.

Modern technologies, foreign and local experience developed in recent decades, make our wines unique and special.